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Pain 101: A History of the Different Types of Pain

Posted on Sep 04, 2013

In order to determine how to treat pain, you need to start by understanding its causes. Starting from the beginning, pain has long been considered to be one of the sub-functions of the sense of touch1.

Descartes’ classic picture of pain provided a framework for the early anatomists to explain how pain is detected and relayed to the spinal cord and brain. Descartes wrote, “If, for example, fire comes near the foot, minute particles of this fire, which you know move at great velocity, have the power to set in motion the spot of skin on the foot which they touch, and by this means pulling on the delicate thread which is attached to the spot of the skin, they open up at the same instant the pore against which the delicate thread ends, just as by pulling on one end of a rope one makes to strike at the same instant a bell which hangs at the end.”2

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