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A Natural Approach to Pain Management for Your Patients

Energezics® technology uses a unique broad-area surface electrode made from a proprietary formula, which absorbs, resonates, and delivers a wide range of naturally occurring waveforms found within all living tissue. The Energeze® Back Patch delivers low energy waveforms, producing a soothing relaxation response that is often accompanied by reports of a distinctive pleasurable sensation. After a period of time, which may vary from individual to individual and from condition to condition, there is a reduction in pain rather than the dulling of nerve transmission.

How the Energeze Patch Works

Prezacor® products – with Energezics technology – are based on a USA patent-pending technology and formulation. From its many years of research and development, and from its proven clinical success, Prezacor scientists have created a thin, flexible patch for the management of discomfort.
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