What people are saying about the Energeze Back Patch:

As I have been fighting recent back pain caused by over-training, I have been completely satisfied and impressed by the Prezacor Energeze Back Patch. This easy to apply, reusable, waterproof and superbly designed product far exceeds anything like it I have ever seen on the market. Better yet, it works!
Ken Dreyfuss, Rowing Coach: Navy, Stanford, Potomac Boat Club
Stress created from a four-year legal issue and four-week litigation left me with a considerable amount of emotional stress, the strongest manifestation of which was severe muscle tension and subsequent extreme pain in the musculature in the right side of my neck. A friend offered… [me the Energeze Back Patch]. I spent the night sleeping with the patch directly over the pain-throbbing musculature and upon awakening I was astonished to discover that the pain had diminished by well over 90% and the musculature had softened and returned to near normal. By the end of that day the pain had not only further subsided but had actually vanished and, furthermore, did not return.
Legal Professional with neck pain
Before suggesting new therapies to others, if practical , I try them on my self. After experimenting at length I could only conclude that the Energeze patch works. I recommend Energeze as an effective and safe pain management option.
Howard Miller M.D., internist
I thought I was headed for surgery and now after using the Energeze patch as you suggested each night under a sock I awaken without pain for the first time in months!
56 year old mother and housekeeper with plantar fasciitis
I started using the Energeze patch on my knee each night.  Within a couple of weeks, I noticed a considerable decrease in the pain in my knee.  I continue to use it several times per week for at least a couple of hours each time.  Simply put, when I use the Energeze product, I have much less pain.
Biotech executive with osteoarthritis knee
I have tried the Energeze patch on a sore back after a 10-mile run – and it worked!
56 year old father, runner and marketing executive
The Energeze patch provided me with a flexible method to treat a variety of different types of pain. Energeze was effective in treating deep bone pain with my heel bone spur, osteoarthritic knees and lower spine pain. I enjoyed using the Energeze patch instead of smelly menthol or camphor patches or creams. I also found the adhesive quality of the patch not sticky or tacky. I was impressed that the patch stayed on my sweaty knees while I worked out at the gym. If the Energeze patch was put on the market, I would be one of the first customers to buy more patches for all of my aches and pains.
Nancy A., Princeton, NJ
I accidentally walked into a cement planter on the street of my town, toppling me head first onto the ground with a grapefruit size bruise forming on my shin and blood running into my shoe. When I got home I did the usual resting with an ice pack for the swelling but also put an Energeze patch on my large bruise. By the time I went to sleep that night my swelling was down and I left the patch on through the night. By morning I was amazed to see that the bruising was now almost completely down and my pain was 85% better. I’ve never recovered from an accident this quickly before. I’m 63 and bruise more easily now and I hit this cement planter hard. I’m convinced the Energeze patch aided my recovery substantially in this acute injury. Thank you Energeze!!
Cathy S., Medford, OR
When my back goes out, its very painful and I am stuck in a bent over position and unable to get out of chairs or bed without causing more pain. Your product provided warmth to the area and reduced the inflammation so my disk didn’t press on the nerve. It was remarkable.
Anthony R., Philadelphia, PA
I was skiing and hyperextended my knee. In the morning I was barely able to put any weight on it. Around 1pm my mom gave me two Energeze patches that I put over the outside of my knee and the back where it was hurting. I wrapped it in an ace bandage and left it on overnight. I didn’t notice a huge difference throughout the afternoon, but when I woke up in the morning it was completely better. By the next day I was back working out and riding. I am so impressed!
27 y/o Mom and Dressage Athlete
I am 79 and have suffered for several years from daily (and nightly) shoulder pain due to overuse. After 2 days (and nights) use of the Energeze patch the daytime pain lessened and I am now able to sleep without awakening from pain! I have found the patch very simple to use and store, and have used the same one for 10 days without any apparent diminution of effectiveness. It has definitely improved the quality of my life! I am delighted to recommend the patch without reservation!
Retired Educational Consultant, Mid-60's
This is an outstanding product! I injured my neck in a fall several months ago. As a result, it was very painful to turn my head to the side or to look up. While aspirin and NSAIDS helped somewhat with the pain, I did not like the side effects they caused. The Energeze pain patch does an excellent job at easing the pain, with no side effects at all, and I have much improved range of motion now. I can wear it comfortably for extended periods of time, and it provides consistent and reliable pain relief. It was a lifesaver on a recent trip to Russia. I was able to lift my head without pain to gaze at the amazing works of art in The Hermitage.
Lee N., Retired Mathematician
I am in awe of the comfort and efficiency of the Energeze Patch. I purchased the patch in effort to release neck discomfort that resulted from a car accident that occurred 5 years ago. Whiplash set in following the accident and despite years of interventions that included 2 continuous years of PT, a variety of patches, heating pads, and anti-inflammatory drugs I never felt relief that lasted beyond the day of intervention. My Energeze patches arrived 3 days ago and quickly I placed a patch on the site of discomfort. I was amazed at how comfortable the patch felt/fit. I was equally amazed at how quickly I noticed a release of tension in the site of discomfort, AND I was thrilled when the discomfort did NOT return shortly after I took the patch off. I now wear the patch as I sleep, no longer troubled by a neck that had stiffened while I slept. Thank you to the makers of ENERGEZE.
Recently I did something to my left shoulder while doing yard work, and after feeling enough pain to do something about it, I put on a patch and slept with it. By morning the sharp pain was gone and after a day or two more, the dull ache also went away. It was great having something to allow me to continue my work as an artist.
S.T.N., Princeton (Artist)